10 Reasons to Use Readers Theater With Your Middle Schoolers

Find our how my readers theater plays can get your students engaged and excited about history!
  • Keep reading for my top 10 reasons to use readers theater plays with your middle schoolers!

I LOVE readers theater plays! We read them for just about every social studies unit I’ve taught. In fact, not being able to find a good one for a colleague when I was an instructional coach inspired me to create my first social studies resources!

In case you aren’t familiar with what a readers theater play is, here’s a quick definition – a script that students read aloud in class either in groups (my preferred method) or as a whole class that are sometimes adapted from traditional stories, but can also be used to teach about a specific topic or unit.

Some of you may be thinking that it sounds like an elementary activity, but I can tell you from experience that middle school students love them. So, without further ado, here are my top 10 reasons for using readers theater plays with middle schoolers:

10. They generate interest in the topic because they are fun to read!

9. They are a break from traditional schoolwork.

8. Students get to interact with peers – always a positive for middle schoolers!

7. The plays place students into the time and/or events we are learning about – kind of like being in an I Survived book (CLICK HERE for I Survived Books).

6. They help students see things from different perspectives.

5. Not only do they teach content, but they are a great resource for weaker readers to practice fluency.

4. They are a great way to review content.

3. They are a great way to preview content.

2. They are great for enrichment. Sometimes they spark a student’s interest to learn more about a topic beyond what is tested!

1. They are a great way to get shy students engaged and talking with their peers.

Not only are they educational, but students love them. Some have literally cone into class and given a little “woo!” when they see it on my posted agenda.

CLICK HERE to check out the readers theater plays I have in my store that are listed below. They are available in groups of three, or as a larger bundle of 12:

  • Ancient Mesopotamia
    • How the Gods Gave Writing
    • Setting Laws into Stone
    • But I Can’t Remember… How Writing May Have Begun
  • Ancient Egypt
    • Making a Mummy
    • Finding Tut’s Tomb
    • Building a Pyramid
  • Ancient Greece
    • The First Olympians
    • The Great Thinkers
    • The Trojan Horse
  • Ancient Rome
    • How’d You Build That?
    • Visit to a House
    • Paulus Maximus, Soldier

Another advantage of my plays is that each part in each play was written at a specific reading level so you can be strategic in assigning roles. This allows a wide range of your students to be able to participate and feel successful!


  • “I love using readers theaters when I am introducing a new unit, and love that there are tiered reading parts for students of all levels! Thank you!” – Nastassja V. – 5-stars
  • “This was a good way to incorporate drama into our unit on ancient civilizations. Having parts written at various grade levels helped all students to be successful.” – Shari H. – 5-stars
  • “This was perfect for my ESL students in my co-teaching class. I especially appreciate the variety of reading levels.” – Kristin K. – 5-stars
  • “Kids were very engaged!” – J.H. – 5-stars


Find our how my readers theater plays can get your students engaged and excited about history!