A/B Partner Vocabulary Strategy

A/B Partner Vocabulary Review

Read this post to learn about a quick and easy vocabulary review strategy that your students can do daily!

One of the growth goals I set last year was to increase my students vocabulary. I had always done vocabulary activities like KIM charts, vocabulary connection charts and vocabulary task cards (CLICK HERE for my vocabulary resources), but upon further reflection, I realized that I was only really installing then using new vocabulary terms with my students, and not overtly practicing them. I felt I could do better.

Then, one day while driving to school, I had a great idea! I had stumbled on a quick and easy way for my students to review all their new vocabulary terms every day and it would only take about two minutes of class time! I call it A-B Partner Vocabulary Review, and we do it at the beginning of nearly every class.



All you need is a way to projet (or write) your vocabulary terms on the board one at a time.


  1. Project one of your unit’s vocabulary terms on the board.
  2. Person A defines the term to Person B.
  3. If Person B agrees with the definition, they give Person A a quick thumbs up. If Person B disagrees, s/he tells Person A what they think the correct definition is.
  4. After 10 seconds, project a new word, and the roles reverse. 
All told, 12 words takes 120 seconds (2 minutes)! Sometimes I switch it up by projecting definitions rather than the words, and they need to recall the correct term.


  • Students practice new vocabulary terms daily. 
  • Students learn to effectively interact with each other.
  • It’s EFFECTIVE! My students get engaged in the vocabulary, can see their progress day-to-day, and have averaged well over 90% on vocabulary quizzes since I started using this strategy!
A quick, easy and fun vocabulary strategy!
This vocabulary strategy takes very little prep, and gets your students engaging with each other to review content area vocabulary!
A quick, easy and fun vocabulary strategy!