Age of Exploration Differentiated Readings – Reach More Readers!

Age of Exploration Differentiated Readings

Keep reading to learn how my Age of Exploration Differentiated Readings can reach a wider range of your readers with the same content!

I love reading, and as an educator, you probably do too. But, a lot of our students don’t. Some of them don’t because they just haven’t found the book that really inspires them to become readers yet (mine was Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth Speare), some are too into technology and only like to read in 140 character chunks, and some don’t because they truly struggle with reading and are behind grade level in it. My differentiated readings can reach both your great and not so great readers helping to close the achievement gap between the two.

All of my differentiated reading sets (CLICK HERE for a blogpost about another example of one) come with three interesting, short and easy to understand readings that are available in both print and sharable electronic versions. It also contains three readings of identical content with a slightly bigger font, and at an easier reading level for struggling readers. Each reading also comes with a content/reading comprehension sheet that helps your students identify critical content and make connections to it while providing students an opportunity to work on reading strategies.

My Age of Exploration Differentiated Readings set includes articles about 1) Navigation, 2) Christopher Columbus, and 3) First Contact (with Indigenous Peoples).

So, CLICK HERE for my Age of Exploration Differentiated Readings, and take a peek at the other differentiated readings I have to offer by CLICKING HERE.


  • “This is a great addition to my daughter’s American History curriculum. Thank you for your help.” – Michelle T. 5-stars
  • “I incorporate reading lessons into history and science. This history bundle was perfect for my lesson planning. Highly recommended.” – Samantha R. 5-stars
  • “This has been very helpful for all of my classes, but especially my special needs class.” – Melissa U. 5-stars


Age of Exploration Differentiated Readings