Mesopotamia Vocabulary Task Cards – Move Cards, Make Connections!

Mesopotamia Vocabulary Task Cards

I’m a big believer in using task cards to help kids learn. They’re fun, inclusive, hit a bunch of different learning styles and encourage students to interact with each other. I like them so much, I’ve created and use them for every unit I’ve taught in both world and American history, and have begun to create them for my new discipline – geography.

My Mesopotamia Vocabulary Task Cards help students work and make connections with some familiar words (like writing and laws) while also introducing them to some very unusual terms (like ziggurat or Epic of Gilgamesh). This is an especially good set to use early in the year (which is great because that’s when we teach it in our World History curriculum) because it gives students the confidence that if they trust the process (do the activities and play the games), they can master even very intimidating terms like cuneiform or Hammurabi’s Code.

These are the terms included in this set:

  • Ziggurat
  • Cuneiform
  • Irrigation
  • Mud Brick
  • Culture
  • Hammurabi’s Code
  • City-State
  • Middle East
  • Fertile Crescent
  • Epic of Gilgamesh
  • Civilization
  • Laws
  • Writing
  • Society

So, CLICK HERE to check them out, and be sure to take a peek at the other sets of vocabulary task cards I have available by CLICKING HERE.

See what other teachers have said:

“I have my cards laminated and ready to go! Can’t wait to use them with my kiddos!” – Miranda

“Kids enjoyed this resource. Thanks!” – Meridy W.

“Thank you for this resource. It will be a great way to incorporate vocabulary into my lesson.” – Lauren M.

“I love these vocabulary cards. My students really enjoy them. I am going to have to buy them all.” -Kimberly D.

“Was in a pinch for a differentiation idea and these vocab cards worked perfectly!” – Lynn M.



Mesopotamia Vocabulary Task Cards