Make History Fun With Mesopotamia Readers’ Theater Plays!

Mesopotamia Readers' Theater Plays

I try to find as many ways as I can to make history fun, engaging, interactive and inclusive. My leveled readers’ theater plays do all of that! I wrote each part in my plays at specific reading levels (from lower elementary to upper middle school) so that all of my students could participate and feel success. Lower readers can be assigned lower reading level parts so they can work on reading skills while learning history while stronger readers can have fun and learn the content without the roadblock of difficult words.

I have written and sell plays in sets of three for world history topics from Early Humans through the Renaissance. Today, I’m going to highlight my Mesopotamia plays.

Mesopotamia, one of the first cradles of civilization, can be daunting for a lot of students. Strange place names (like Ur) and vocabulary terms (like ziggurat) can scare some kids away from this fascinating group of cultures. My leveled readers’ theater plays help make this content more relatable.

While performing plays in groups, students learn about a Mesopotamian myth, the first written laws (Hammurabi’s Code), and the invention of writing (cuneiform). I use plays like these in every world history unit I teach, and my students really have fun with them while learning history. As an added bonus, I have a blast watching their over the top acting skills!

So, CLICK HERE to check out my Mesopotamia Readers’ Theater Plays, and to see what other plays I have to offer, CLICK HERE.

See what another teacher has said:

“Kids were very engaged!” – J.H. (a sixth and seventh grade teacher)

Mesopotamia Readers' Theater Plays