Celebrating Student Success – Marzano DQ3

Find out how celebrating your students' successes can make them more successful!

Keep reading to find out how celebrating your students’ success can make them more successful!

Sometimes a donkey needs a carrot, sometimes it needs a stick. Carrots work better because the donkey moves toward what it wants, not away from what it doesn’t. According to Dr. Marzano (and, apparently farmers would agree), providing praise (a carrot) is a very effective teaching element.

But it’s not just highlighting A’s and B’s. Recognize those of course, but really emphasize student growth. Maybe a student who got a F last time worked their butt off for a D. A D is still not proficient, but it is improvement – a step in the right direction. Recognizing that hard work and building that stuednt up (especially if they are one of a very small number of students who were not proficient) is a very powerful tool that can really motivate lower achieving students. The key is to get them to personify themselves by their improvements rather than as a failure.

But what about those high achievers – those who seem to get A’s or B’s regardless of apparent effort? Recognize their achievement, but also look for and celebrate and honor areas they show real growth in – especially areas that are not reflected in the gradebook. Praise them for making deeper connections during class discussions or for asking great questions or for being a great leader and facilitator of learning in class. Proper praise goes a long way with most students. Achievement is great, but don’t forget to always highlight growth.

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Find out how celebrating your students' successes can make them more successful!