Early Humans Complete Unit & Assessment

Find out how my complete 3-week, Marzano aligned Early Humans Unit and Assessment can help your students!

Keep reading to find out about my complete 3-week long, Marzano aligned Early Humans unit and assessment.

I try to infuse Dr. Marzano’s elements of teaching into my daily lessons (CLICK HERE for my Marzano posts). I collected all those lessons and organized them into a complete three-week unit that is fully Marzano aligned and full of fun, inclusive activities to help your middle school socials tudies students learn about the transition from hunting and gathering to sedintary lifestyles.

This unit covers the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages and includes a day-by-day unit plan, a sheet that explains the puropse and Marzano alignment of each lesson (great for evaluations!), and each of the following activities:

  • Unit Overview Activity
  • Vocabulary Connection Chart
  • Vocabulary Task Card Activity
  • Early Human Artifact Interpretation Activity
  • Lifestyle & Environment Activity
  • Paleolithic/Neolithic Similarities & Differences Activity
  • Human Migration Atlas Activity
  • 3 Interactive Notes Presentations
  • Early Humans Review Game
  • Early Human Assessment

Each activity includes a Google Slide presentation and all the print materials needed. 

So, CLICK HERE for my Early Humans Complete Unit & Assessment, and while you’re at my store, take a look around at the other great Social Studies Resources I have available.

And if a complete unit isn’t for you, most of the individual lessons are available individually! You can pick and choose what you want to build your own unit, or use what I have to supplement yours!


Vocabulary Task Cards

  • “Laminated them so I can use them again and again!” – Catherine W. 5-stars
  • “As a newer teacher of social studies, this resource was extremely helpful!”     – Laura M. 5-stars
  • “I have my cards laminated and ready to go this year! I can’t wait to use them with my kiddos!” – Miranda in the Middle 5-stars

Artifact Interpretation Activity

  • “My students loved using this to learn about what archaeologists do and using their inferencing skills to practice figuring out what the different artifacts could be.” – Allison K. 5-stars
  • “This is a great way to introduce analytical skills in history.” – Sarah S. 5-stars

Interactive Notes

  • “This resource was clear, explicit, and rigorous. I modified the turn and talks to be Zoom break outs, but otherwise it was no prep grab and go. I actually had a 6th grader write “this is fun” in the chat while we were doing these notes. I’ve been impressed by the depth, thoughtfulness, quality and price point of Tim’s resources!” – Brinker’s Thinkers 5-stars


Find out how my Early Humans Complete Unit & Assessment can help you save time planning, and help your students learn while interacting with each other and having fun!