Ancient Egypt Complete Unit

Check out this three-week complete unit for ancient Egypt!

Keep reading to find out more about my complete, Marzano aligned unit for ancient Egypt.

I love unit planning. No, really. 

Starting with state standards and working backward to individual learning targets is one of my favorite parts of being an educator. Of course, once you’ve finished with that, you have a list of “I can” statements for your students to master. Next, comes my second favorite part – creating activities to help students meet the learning targets.

One of the things that guides me in the process of creating resources for a unit of study is the Marzano placemat (CLICK HERE for a post about how to use Marzano’s placemat to create great lessons). The Marzano placemat helps me identify the best types of activities to learn certain things, and once I have used it to identify what to create, I create it and am left with a Marzano aligned unit that is full of engaging, entertaining and inclusive learning activities specifically designed to hit my targets.

As an example, my three-week Ancient Egypt Complete Unit and Assessment (CLICK HERE to check it out) includes all of the following Marzano aligned resources:

  • A unit overview with Marzano aligned lesson plans
  • A vocabulary activity (to increase content area vocabulary)
  • An atlas activity (to build map skills)
  • 3 interactive note presentations with student note taking sheets (to practice identifying critical content)
  • An Egyptian gods and goddesses task card activity (to improve cooperative learning skills)
  • 3 leveled readers’ theater plays (leveled by reading ability so that all readers can be included)
  • A hieroglyphic writing activity
  • A similarities and differences activity (to build their abiltiy to compare and contrast)
  • 3 differentiated reading articles (another resource that reaches more readers)
  • 3 ancient civilizations reading response journals (activities that incorporate a lot of Marzano principles)
  • A unit review game (to incorporate games and competition into the unit)
  • A unit assessment

Each activity is designed to engage your students with both the content and each other while creating an inclusive and exciting learning environment.

Check out this three-week complete unit for ancient Egypt!