Use Norms to Establish Routines & Procedures – Marzano’s DQ 4

Find out how to use norms to create routines and procedures in your classroom!

Keep reading to find out how creating norms with your students can establish effective routines and procedures!

My biggest takeaways from the many Marzano professional developments I’ve been through are the concepts of 1) finding the right activities or strategies for your specific learning target, and 2) eliminating as many barriers as possible between students and learning. Dr. Marzano’s fourth teaching element (CLICK HERE for posts about his other elements) is directly tied to my second takeaway. Routines and procedures allow people to do things automatically. If students don’t need to think about how they are learning, they can focus more energy on what they are learning.

I really emphasize procedures in my classroom – how/when to ask for things, put away materials, behave during fire drills, tornado drills, sadly during lockdown drills, etc. I devote one of the first days of school to generating class norms that will be used all year. I also devote time throughout the year refreshing them after long breaks or as changes become necessary.

Norms are things we do in class. That’s what makes them different from rules – rules are things you do not do. I also use the activity as an early opportunity for my students to practice the skills of individual brainstorming, small group discussion and compromise, and whole-class discussion and debate all in just one lesson that produces something that is meaningful that we refer to all year.

To expand on the idea of helping students focus on the what rather than how of learning, I would suggest taking the norms that each class creates, and editing/combining them into a master list that all of the classes follow. I would also recommend that all the other teachers on your team adopt the same norms. I have done this second part several times and think it really helps many students to have the same general expectations in all their classes.

So, CLICK HERE if you’re interested in my FREE Google Slides based Norm Creation Activity that gets your students interacting and provides you with norms that your students have created and bought into.

Find out how to use norms to create routines and procedures in your classroom!