Make Vocabulary Fun With Task Cards

Make Vocabulary Fun With Vocabulary Task Cards

Keep reading to find out how vocabulary cards can be a powerful tool in helping your students learn new vocab terms.

“Copy these words and definitions. Quiz on Friday.”

Sound familiar? That’s how my middle school teachers (and maybe yours too) taught vocabulary. Rote memorization can be a useful tool, but it only makes one connection (word to definition) in your brain, and doesn’t help much if you have to go from the definition to the word or from the word to a differently worded definition on a standardized test.

Vocabulary task cards are a much better way to teach new words. Mine are fun, inclusive, reach a wide variety of learners, foster teamwork and let you see how your students think (CLICK HERE to see my vocabulary resources). Each set includes three types of cards for each word – one with the word, one with its definition, and one with an image of (or way to remember) the word.

Students progress through three activities with these cards that are all closely aligned to Marzano’s 6 Steps of Vocabulary Instruction (CLICK HERE for my Marzano blogposts). First they move the cards around to create a large KIM chart on their tables by matching each word with its definition and image. Then, they combine the word cards into like groups, and explain the connections they made to you. Finally, with any time remaining, they can use the cards to play a variety of vocabulary games (CLICK HERE  for a FREE RESOURCE to help your students play games with vocabulary task cards).

Make Vocabulary Fun With Vocabulary Task Cards