Vocabulary Task Cards – Age of Exploration

Age of Exploration Vocabulary Task Cards

About a decade ago, I had an administrator who became obsessed with learning styles. He mandated that we give all our students “Learning Style Inventory” surveys and spend valuable team time compiling and analyzing all that data. Once it became obvious that a large chunk of our students were categorized as visual/kinesthetic learners, we asked what resources we had to teach them. The answer? Our decades old textbooks. My vocabulary task cards are better.

Although the over-emphasis on learning styles has faded recently, it remains true that visual/kinesthetic activities help a lot of students learn (especially struggling readers or students for whom English is not their first language). 10 years ago, to address the lack of “kinesthetic learner friendly” resources, I created some vocabulary task cards. They were so effective, I’ve never went back to my old ways of vocabulary teaching and have made sets for every American and World History unit I’ve taught since with geography ones coming soon!

In this post, I am going to highlight my Age of Exploration Vocabulary Task Cards. Students use the cards to complete a series of activities and games that help them learn words and definitions while building connections between words and working on effective communication skills. Here are the 14 terms included in this set:

  • Age of Exploration
  • Compass
  • Astrolabe
  • Resources
  • Scarcity
  • Navigation
  • Chart
  • Sextant
  • Exploration
  • Map
  • Caravel
  • Vikings
  • Longship
  • Trade

So, CLICK HERE for my Age of Exploration Vocabulary Task Cards, and check out a FREE resource of games to play with the cards by CLICKING HERE.



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Age of Exploration Vocabulary Task Cards