Western Hemisphere Student Atlas

Western Hemisphere Student Atlas

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right map for your students to use that aren’t just glorified coloring pages. My Western Hemisphere Student Atlas might be what you are looking for!

Students create their own atlas throughout the year as they complete physical, political and natural resource maps for the Western Hemisphere. These are the 24 maps included:

  • Parts/Features of a Map
  • Types of Maps
  • Western Hemisphere Water Features
  • Western Hemisphere Landforms
  • North America Political
  • North America Regions 
  • North America Natural Resource
  • South America Political
  • South America Physical
  • South America Natural Resource
  • Canada Political
  • Canada Physical
  • Canada Natural Resource
  • U.S. Political
  • U.S. Physical
  • U.S. Natural Resource
  • Mexico Political
  • Mexico Physical
  • Mexico Natural Resource
  • Central America Political
  • Central America Physical
  • Central America Natural Resource
  • Caribbean Political
  • Caribbean Natural Resource

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See what other teachers have said:

  • “My students enjoyed this resource! We were learning about Water on Earth, and I assigned the Water Resources in the Western Hemisphere.”                    – Sunny A. (6th Grade Teacher)
  • “This was a great activity to teach about the Western Hemisphere.”               – Kaylee L. (6th Grade Teacher)
  • “Great resource for map skills.” – Valerie C. (6th Grade Teacher)
  • “What a great resource for my Western Hemisphere curriculum. It is engaging and provides great details and information. I incorporated this into my district-mandated materials, and this makes a perfect addition to what I use in my class. Thank you for sharing your material!” – Susanne P. (5th Grade Teacher)
Western Hemisphere Student Atlas