What Are Differentiated Readings, and Why Should I Use Them?

Why You Should Use Differentiated Readings In Your Middle School Class

When I was an instructional coach, one of my responsibilities was gathering and analyzing data for the 1-8 Montessori building I worked in. It was eye-opening. I had always known there was a wide range of reading levels in a given class, but I had never seen it in actual numbers. For instance, one 8th grade class had reading levels from about 2nd grade to above 11th!

When I got back into a middle school classroom, I found myself constantly helping students to struggle to read and comprehend the very our of date textbooks and supplemental reading materials provided by my district. As a result, my students greatest struggle was the comprehension of difficult words, NOT the social studies content. I needed a solution.

Differentiated readings were it!

At first though, I spent a lot of time trying to find articles of similar length and identical content at the reading levels I needed. Believe me, that’s a very narrow slice of the Venn Diagram for most topics! So, I started writing them for my students at our middle school grade level, and also ones with identical content and format and similar length at an upper elementary reading level for all of my curriculum’s units.

If these sound like they might help, CLICK HERE for a free sample of one about Early Humans, or CLICK HERE to check out the rest of them.

See what other teachers have said:

  • “Great resource! My students found it very engaging. Great to use with a sub or early finishers.” – Megan V. (6th Grade Teacher)
  • “It was just awesome. I would definately recommend this as a resource for fellow colleagues.” – Lynne B. (5th Grade Teacher)
  • “These are great as they are already differentiated for different reading levels!” – Katie P. (6th Grade Teacher)
  • “Great resource for the kids, and it saved me tons of IP [Individual Planning] time.” – Kerry B. (8th Grade Teacher)
  • “My students loved this resource. It was great and easy to use.” – Adrian C. (7th Grade Teacher)
Why You Should Use Differentiated Readings In Your Middle School Classroom